SHISHU KALYAN PUBLIC SCHOOL understands that the schooling of your ward is of paramount importance to you and we absolutely agree with same. The all-round development of the child can be achieved through organizing regular Parents Teacher interaction at stimulated period. Therefore, PTMs are organized to help the school to understand your ward better and to find ways to reveal his/her potential to the optimum. Further teacher can apply different tools and technique to upliftment of the child.
“The mind of a student is like garden,The seeds you plant therein grow Either into weeds or flowers; and Both are hard to dig out”

Dear Parents,
Our school system is strictly based upon the word ‘CHILD CARE’ which means to derive the best of child with proper care and not blindly stuff in. ShishuKalyan Public School has incorporated and implemented an aim to develop a child to highly liberal and a proud citizen of tomorrow without letting them lose touch with their rich culture, tradition and heritage.
My wishes to all the young learners to grow into blossomed flowers and spread fragrance of love and compassion in the society and contribute meaningfully to the growth of a successful nation.
Our Motto, ‘Arise -Awake and stop not till the goals achieved.’

Tejpal Yadav

The SHISHU KALYAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, NAWADA (Gurgaon) is doing fare and fantastic job in the field of Education and Social upliftment. Nevertheless it is located in premises of rural heart but touches the height of glory in the field of education . In the short span of time its achievements are marvelous and applauded. Wherever they go, they are proving that “Learn to serve”. Shishu Kalyan proudly feel that they are the alumni of this prestigious and dynamic institution. The Shishu Kalyan no doubt is axel wheel of core education. It nurtures so nicely leaving no stone to touch to develop its students.

Sanjay Kumar

A fundamental responsibility of education is to augment the interest of learners and inspires the self enquiry into the subject. The school is a place that imparts education, establishes values and ideas and the way the life is to be lived. We at SHISHU KALYAN SCHOOL believe in the providing a platform and a forum for creating an increased awareness and interest among the students to widen their perspective. we are gearing towards excellence in education by providing dynamic learning environment through innovative teaching programme that understand the potential and unique talent of each Students our focus is to create a foundation that helps the child to apply his learning to real life.

Mrs. Usha Yadav
Chief Co-ordinator

“मंजिले उन्हें ही मिलती है, जिनके सपनो में जान होती है |
पंखो से कुछ नहीं होता, हौसलों से उड़न होती है ||”

16 वर्षो से शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में नियत नए कीर्तिमान स्थपित करने वाले शिशु कल्याण संस्था में आपका स्वागत है, शिक्षा से मनुष्य का सर्वागीण विकास होता है | विद्यालय वह संस्था है जहाँ बच्चा शिक्षा के साथ-साथ जीवन जीने के लिए अपने विचारो और मूल्यों को निर्धारित करता है | जीवन जीने की कला सीखता है | शिशु कल्याण विद्यालय सी.बी.एस.सी.(दिल्ली) बोर्ड से बच्चों को शिक्षा पूरे जोश और उत्साह से प्रदान कर रहा है | संस्था संचालक, प्रधानाचार्य व समस्त अध्यापकगण बच्चों के स्वगीर्ण विकास के लिए कार्यरत है | समाज के बदलते परिवेश को देखते हुए हमारी संस्था में योगा एवं अध्यात्मिक शिक्षा पर जोर दिया जाता है | प्रतिस्पर्धा के युग में अपने आपको स्थापित करने के लिए स्कूल में बच्चों को विशेष ज्ञान और कौशल से परिपूर्ण कराया जा रहा है |

दिनेश शर्मा
हिंदी व संस्कृत विभाग प्रमुख

English is well on its way of become a dominating global language. As a result virtually only those writing in English will have a chance of reaching a world audience and achieving classic status’. English is the necessity of human beings. If you are able to see your dream in the day out you are not very far from it after learning English.
“How much the fool that hath been taught to roam, Excels the fool that hath been kept at home.”
Every year a tour is organized by our school management for Jurasic Park, Historical Places. Religious Places and tourist Places. So, that students may learn and they find it more profitable and delightful to settle down for a week in this way the learner gain by their travel refreshment and rest for their minds, satisfaction to their intellectual curiosity or artistic tastes and increased knowledge of the world and people around.

Narender Yadav
H.O.D, S.St & Eng.

Education is simply the soul of society as it passes from one generation to another.Conversation is an Art which one can cultivate. Good conversation is actually a zestful transaction, not a briefing as lecture. It does not mean how you impress or speak your point of view on others but it includes. How nicely you listen to others, When two persons are talking at the same time it is not conversation it is collision. A good conversationalist always set the ball rolling. While discussing he must listen to others patiently and should not become impatient to presently and should not ;become impatient to present his ideas.Conversation need not always be purposeful but it must at least be far pleasure. It should be congenial, amiable and joyful. I believe in; “Heights achieved and kept by great man, were not attained in sudden flight. They while their companies slept, were talking upwards through the knight that would govern all their choice in life.”

Charan Singh
Language Head

The goal of the maths curriculum is to develop mathematical fluency in every student so that they are able to communicate their reasoning and think logically with positive attitude towards maths problems. We try to import practical knowledge, develop competition spirit and guide them to choose a career which they would enjoy, throughout their life. We firmly believe and desire inspiration from Henry Adams Statement, “A teacher effects eternity”. He can never tell where his influence stops. Therefore, our endeavours as a teacher are ceasless and our spirits as an educator in domitable also to cope up with the rapid changes in the educations maths and science teachers attend seminars and workshops conducted by various agencies i.e, CBSE, NCERT & SCERT sponsored by SHISHU KALYAN PUBLIC SCHOOL to updating themselves to disseminating quality education efficiently and innovatively. “We nurture a vision of producing a generation of Einsteins and Aryabhatt with the support and co-operation of our dedicated team of Maths & science.

Mrs. Ruchi Gupta
H.O.D, Maths & Science