In the modern era education is incomplete without the computer education. To foster the complete education, the school provides computer exposure to all the students from class 2nd onwards. Two computer labs are functioning with a adequate number of computer with LCD monitor to teach through e-learning i.e. from C.Ds, D.V.Ds and other Tech support under the skilled and able guidance of computer teachers. The students are given regular and sufficient practical in Computer Labs.


To enhance students knowledge and to develop their reading habit. The students are provided with a grand and well stocked library. A wide ranges of books are staked systematically in the library. Thousands of books, periodicals and magazines on vivid subjects are available. The students are encouraged to make the best use of the Library regularly.


To give the scientific and logical base learning the school has three independent laboratories for science and mathematics. These labs have provision for demonstration as well as practical works of students. Regular weekly, monthly practical are conducted under guidance of qualified Science Teacher.


Besides in academics the school has roar in the field of sports. The school acquired glory in sports. The school has provided huge playground and sports room is well equipped of sports materials. The students are trained under able guidance of sports teacher.